We want to be part of your business strategy and show you the certainty of the international market environment through the real import and export movements. For that reason, all our services seek for:

  • Be accesible for any company.
  • Answer about your real needs.
  • Deliver the highest existent details in strategic information.
  • In the most comfortable format for your analysis.

That's why you must choose the best service for your purposes.


  • Datasur.com is a fast and efficient search engine with the trade data of América and European Union, in which you will see all the foreign commerce's movements in the countries of both continents.
  • More than 1800 companies are monitoring their markets with our annual subscriptions in the different plans that we offer.See our plans
  • Is the most detailed database and with the highest quality, origined from the different customs offices of the region. We compile each database to show it to you on a friendly interface.
  • Datasur, the worlwide leader in foreign commerce strategic information.

Special market reports

In Accordance to the specific needs of each client, we generate meetings in order to aligne:
  • Databases enhancements.
  • Add new Databases and details.
  • Include customized parameters.
  • Period and criterias of the reports.
  • Historic data and trend analysis.

Customized reports

  • · Market reports by different criteria (HS Code, ID Number of a company, Brands, origin and destiny countries, between others, with the objective to analyze the trade data periodically, based on each client specific needs.
  • · Could be historical and updated (Monthly, by quarters or by year).
  • · The reports can be done for any country contained in Datasur.com and others like India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan and much more.
  • · The information is delivered through email or FTP, Excel pivot tables, Access format, between other options.

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