Special market reports

We perform various types of analysis, with the information of import and export, by specific industries and also bilateral analysis between countries, based on the specific need of the potential customer. The above analysis can be focused on the competitors, brands, prices, volumes and much more. Our reports may include also trends and graphs, along with rankings of market share by prices and/or quantities, determining the market trends, growth and evolution of each participant of the market in the area or industry required. The reports may require previous meetings to align:

  • Databases homologation

  • Market segmentation
  • Confection of the report (Period and format)
  • Analysis of the present, past and/or trends

Customized reports

Reports by HS Codes or ID of a company, in order to make a monthly follow up of the information, based on defined criterias with the customer.

  • Historical and updated reports in most of the countries
  • Can be performed for any of the countries that we have in Datasur.com and other countries with special fields through external suppliers like Mexico, India, China, Russia, Ukraine Pakistan and much others
  • Usually the reports have strategic fields that for own restrictions of each country, cannot be released in online services
  • The information is delivered through email or FTP and in Excel or Access format, between other options

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