Datasur is an important foreign trade information tool for intelligence generation, and to deal well with new competitive environments on the global stage.

Datasur will let you know what your competition does, who are the suppliers or buyers of your industry, which products fit, from which markets, prices, quantities and many more, we seek to be a crucial experience for anyone who wants to do business with the world.


We understand by the vision of Macroscope Chile Ltda., the situation planned for the future of the company, the dream or goal of senior management, in this way we find the following vision: “To be a reference in foreign trade for the public and private sector, that allows to satisfy any demand for information to those looking to solve issues of companies, trade union institutions , educational or state, related to this important sector of the economy in the different countries of the region.”

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This gives off Macroscope Chile Ltda’s commitment and duty. with its various audiences, therefore with society. The reason for the existence of this company can be broken down into the following missions:
“To bring the different trade-promoting trade-promoting union and bilateral authorities in the different countries of the region, in a network that allows to promote and propose actions that stimulate the development of this important sector of the economy.”

“Generate the necessary, accessible and reliable tools, to support professionals working in Foreign Trade, to respond in a timely manner to the concerns that may arise in the exercise of their labor or entrepreneurship obligations.”

“To have an important digital presence on social networks, search engines and all mobile devices, which promotes relevant Foreign Trade content to all those who perform functions within this sector.”

“To promote market transparency and the development of quality and timely information that allows to develop high competitive standards among companies, through the generation of actions that promote the legislation of the delivery of this information in each market.”

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