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Exploring the Camera Trade in 2022 in Chile

In the fast-paced world of foreign trade, 2022 stood out as an exceptional year for camera imports. Using data obtained by, we will explore the main brands that led the Chilean market during that period.

Leading camera import brands in Chile in 2022: During 2022, the Chilean camera market experienced strong competition among the leading import brands. Among them, Cannon Chile S.A., Sony Chile S.A. and Fotografica Fotomar S.A. stand out. These companies remained at the top of consumer preferences, offering high quality products and variety to satisfy the demands of photography amateurs and professionals.

Notable exporting countries: Thailand positioned itself as the undisputed leader in camera exports to Chile in 2022, with an impressive 39.01% market share. Japan followed, contributing a significant 19.53%, while Taiwan and China occupied the third and fourth positions with 15.67% and 13%, respectively. These countries demonstrated their ability to meet the growing demand for cameras in Chile.

Stability in imports: Despite fierce competition and the constant evolution of the technological market, imports of photographic devices into Chile have maintained a solid position in recent years. This stability suggests a steady demand for cameras in the country, offering continued opportunities for brands and importers.

The stability of imports points to a promising future for this sector in the country. Staying on top of trends and collaborating with the right players in the industry will be essential for continued success in the camera business in Chile.

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