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Peruvian Pisco: Shining in the Global Market with a 110% Increase in Exports

Peruvian Pisco continues its unstoppable rise in the international market during 2023, registering an impressive total of US$5,805,182.63 in exports. In this article, will explore the highlighted destinations and analyze the remarkable growth of this iconic liquor since 2009.

Predominant Peruvian Pisco Export Destinations

The United States leads as the main buyer of this appreciated liquor at a global level, representing an impressive 31.15% of exports. Spain is the second most important market, with 10.32%, followed by Ecuador in third place, with a solid 7.62%.

Exponential Growth: 2009 – 2022

During the last few years, the Peruvian Pisco export market has experienced an extraordinary growth. Starting in 2020 with a value of US$4.17 million, an upward trend began, culminating in an impressive total of US$10.94 million in 2022. This represents a staggering 110% increase in just two years.

Peruvian Pisco is not only an emblem of Peruvian culture, but also a resounding success in international markets. With a 110% growth in exports from 2020 to 2022, this liquor is positioned as a jewel of the spirits industry. The United States, Spain and Ecuador are the main drivers of this phenomenon, underscoring the growing popularity and global demand for Peruvian Pisco.

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