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Grilled shrimps or prawns served with lime, garlic and white sauce on a dark concrete background. Seafood.
Shrimp Exports in Ecuador: Global Market Trends and Perspectives

The international shrimp trade is an essential component of theEcuadorian economy. Data provided by the information portal revealed intriguing patterns in shrimp exports in 2022, with the United States standing out as the main buyer, generating an impressive 55.55% of the total. China and Thailand followed closely behind, with 25.39% and 3.79%, respectively.

Fluctuations and Trends in Exports:

Between 2012 and 2013, Ecuador experienced a notable increase in shrimp exports, a product acclaimed globally for its quality. However, in the following years, there were both increases and decreases in the commercial movements of this emblematic product. A telling example is 2019, when exports suffered a drastic drop, reaching a low of US$182.28 million. However, the trend changed in 2021, with a significant increase to US$377 million. In 2022, Ecuador recorded a total of US$231.49 million in Ecuadorian shrimp exports.

Shrimp exports in Ecuador have emerged as a crucial barometer of the country’s economic health. Despite the fluctuations experienced over the years, the 2022 data highlights the resilience and adaptability of this industry. The continued demand for Ecuadorian shrimp from countries such as the United States, China and Thailand underscores its prominent position in the international market.

Ecuador’s shrimp exports are a reminder of the importance of innovation and responsiveness in an ever-changing commercial world.

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