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The Netherlands is the main buyer of Colombian avocados

The avocado, known as “green gold,” is a natural treasure with a growing global demand. Colombia, one of the main producers of this fruit, has experienced a prominent role in the international market. Through the information provided by, we will explore how the Colombian avocado has conquered the international scene and its main export destinations during the year 2022.

The Advancement of Colombian Avocado in International Trade

Over the course of 2022, Colombia exported this coveted fruit to multiple countries around the world. Surprisingly, the Netherlands emerges as the main buyer, acquiring a staggering 44.15% of exports, followed closely by the United States with 23.18%. The United Kingdom ranks a respectable third, with 10.43% of total imports, while Spain contributes significantly with a total of 8.55%. Overall, Colombian avocado exports in 2022 reached an impressive total of US$178,239,823.37 million.

An Evolving Export Trajectory

To understand the evolution of Colombian avocado exports, it is necessary to look at a longer period. From 2007 to 2013, the market maintained relative stability in exports. However, from 2014 onwards, there is a noticeable increase that peaked in 2019 with an impressive value of US$92.49 million. However, from that year onwards, there was a significant decrease that affected the commercialization of this product, reaching a minimum of US$14.7 million in 2021.

The Colombian avocado, nicknamed “green gold,” has proven its relevance in international trade. Although there have been fluctuations in exports over the years, the Colombian avocado remains a valuable asset in the foreign trade landscape, with significant potential for the future.

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