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U.S. Stands Out as the Leader in Potato Imports to Chile

The potato, a food widely consumed throughout the world, offers a variety of culinary options. During 2022, potato imports into Chile totaled USD$12,536,334.21. In this article, we will explore with information from who were the main suppliers and analyze the fluctuations in the market over the years.

Main Potato Suppliers in Chile

During 2022, the United States led Chile’ s potato imports, with an outstanding 36.47% share. It was followed by China, with 17.89%, and France, with 12.33%. These numbers reflect the importance of the United States as a key trading partner in the supply of potatoes to Chile.

Potato Market Trends

Over the last few years, the potato market in Chile has undergone significant changes. Between 2006 and 2013, a notable increase in imports was observed, reaching a total of US$17.28 million. However, in 2014, there was a marked decrease, dropping to US$8.12 million, and in 2025, the figure was further reduced to US$7.44 million. However, in recent years, there has again been an increase, reaching US$12.54 million in 2022.

The United States stands out as the leader in potato imports into Chile, playing a fundamental role in the supply of this food product to the country. Over the years, the market has experienced ups and downs, with notable fluctuations in import figures. However, the resurgence in potato imports in 2022 suggests continued demand for this versatile food in Chile.

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