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¿Why Datasur?

We fully believe in the competitive potential of the companies, regardless their size or industry, as long as they create an atmosphere conductive to their growth and development, so they can increase the performance in the local and international markets

Be more competitive

We believe in the strategic information as a relevant assed for each company, which allows them to be more competitive, through the deep understanding of the context to their Market and industries and the achievement of the existing opportunities, as well as recognizing the threats that exists and that all the companies involved in foreign commerce have to know how to manage, with up-to date knowledge for their decision makers.

Market transparency

More information is more transparency in the markets, as long as more certainty on the steps of the companies and what is even more relevant, is that promotes a fair competitive system for everyone, where the smallest can compete with the bigger without disadvantages and the different actors can be a method of control of the other, to avoid abuses and maneuvers that generates an abusive behavior and system.

SMES Companies with information

The information in the hand of the medium – sized enterprises gives them a relevant power of negotiation with suppliers and customers, making them more competitive. Denying this option to the SMES Companies is taking away a lot of oxygen to them and to the potential that each country can develop for them.

The best inspector is the competitive system

The control of the competitive system from the actors is by far the most effective, since it not only allows to evidence the abuses of the companies by their competitors, but also allows to reduce the rate of economic and commercial crimes of the companies, for the mere fact of being more afraid of being researched by a system that does not forgive, such as the competitive system. The own system will ensure to avoid activities as paying less tariffs or taxes, entering counterfeit products or a different tariff code of a product to take advantage of taxes, or crimes related to the dumping and many others that generate injustices and which in a Market without information is very complex to investigate and punish.